West Windsor, NJ

  • EP Henry Bristol I pavers
  • EP Henry Bristol I smooth pavers
  • EP Henry 3” Coventry wall
  • EP Henry smooth bullnose pool coping
  • Landscape architect design
  • Plants, trees, shrubs, mulch & decorative stone
  • Custom covered structure attached to residence
  • Shed installed
  • Tree Removal
  • Drainage system



  This West Windsor, NJ free form pool and covered patio make a beautiful outdoor living space.  The space was designed for sun bathers and people who like to retreat to the shade as well.  There is also lots of patio space to handle any social function where lots of guests will be showing up.  Open spaces let the views come in of the beautiful surrounding green fields.

Detail List:

Water Features

  This pool features several water features.  There is a diving rock made from a natural stone shaped closely to a diving board.  There are two water jets.  Built into the pool is a large sun-shelf and also a cozy corner or seat in the deep end.


  This spa is built at the pool deck height.  In the nooks and crannies surrounding the spa and pool are pockets of river stone and grasses to give a custom look, and help bring in some more natural surroundings to the spa area.

Concrete Pavers

  This large pool deck was carefully designed around this free-form pool.  The area by the sun bathing chairs also has space for a row of colorful flowers.  Near the sunshelf area of the pool, the pool deck sweeps out to have room for a small table with an umbrella to enjoy the poolside in the shade at a table.  The pool deck is made from EP Henry Bristol I pavers, and EP Henry smooth bullnose pool coping.

Covered Porch

  This beautiful covered porch makes the perfect outdoor living area.  The roof has tongue and groove boards and fans built in for cooling off.  There are outdoor speakers up there as well.    EP Henry Bristol I smooth pavers make the patio.  This is a great area to entertain guests or just relax outside in the shade.

Shed & Bluestone Stepping Stone Path

  This stepping stone path was constructed with irregular bluestones and it goes from the pool all the way up the side of the house to the front yard.  The shed was also installed to house various yard, and pool equipment.